Barefoot Manta Island

Barefoot Manta Island, known traditionally as Drawaqa Island, lies in the Southern Yasawa Islands of Fiji. The breath-taking coral gardens, situated just off the coastline, are among the finest in the Fijian isles.

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Barefoot Kuata

To go barefoot, literally, can provide a great feeling of freedom and fun. “I haven’t had to put on my shoes! Wow!” Kids often do it – and who has greater freedom than they, or more fun? To go barefoot, figuratively, can be even better. It can provide a feeling of relief from everyday burdens.

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Oarsman’s Bay Lodge

Located in the remote Yasawa Islands, Oarsman’s Bay Lodge is situated on a stunning pristine beach that stretches for miles. Fringed by the magnificent turquoise waters of the lagoon and beautiful high peaked hills reigning over the background, this is one of the Yasawas “wow” locations.

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