Why you should consider Fiji as your next destination in 2020

So, you’ve probably got way too many choices in front of you for your next holiday getaway. There’s a cheap deal here, another there and oh look – stay 7 nights but only pay for 5! I bet you LOVED that idea. Some of you might already be close to saying: screw it, I’m going on a cruise. Stop right there because the only destination that you should be thinking of right now is FIJI.

Fiji is the HOTTEST holiday destination this year – 2020. Whether you’ve been there one time or 45 times (believe me, I’ve met people who’ve been there more than 40 times), there is something magical about the place and it just keeps pulling you back for more. From the people to the beautiful landscape, you instantly fall in love with the place.

Here’s why we think Fiji should be the ONLY holiday destination on your list:


The People

Ask anyone who’s visited Fiji and they’ll say it is the people that make Fiji what it is today. Beautiful smiles, kind hearts and lovable personalities are one of Fiji’s biggest draw cards.

Fiji’s Beauty

Fiji is more than just white sandy beaches and beautiful waters. There are Islands to explore, mountain ranges and rain-forests to discover, cultures, traditions and experiences to immerse yourself into and so much more.

Fiji is so easy to get to

Unlike most other holiday destinations, Fiji has direct flights from most major destinations like Los Angeles and San Francisco in the United States and Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia and even Singapore and Tokyo in Asia.

Fiji is Imperfectly PERFECT

Those are really two words that we like to use to describe Fiji. Forget your watches when you’re in Fiji. They mean almost nothing when you’re on Fiji Time.

Fiji is Safe

With terrorism threats and volcanoes erupting in popular tourist spots globally, you can’t go wrong with Fiji. Families love travelling to Fiji and it’s no surprise that many come here year after year.

Some of the BEST Resorts in the World

Whether it is over-water bure’s at Likuliku Lagoon Resort to other more exclusive getaway’s like Laucala Island Resort, there’s a World Class Resort that fits everyone’s taste and budget.

World Class Attractions
Scuba Diving Fiji

Scuba Diving Fiji

From some of the best scuba diving spots in the world to the most beautiful lagoons, beaches and waterfalls, Fiji keeps you coming back for more. There’s never a shortage of things to do in Fiji.

There you have it, our reasons why Fiji is the HOTTEST holiday destination for 2020. So, what are you waiting for?


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